Thursday, July 2, 2020

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"Where Education, Design, Construction, and Life Cycles Come Together."

Ep. 115: Support Your Remote Employee Experience & Future Workplace with Tim Oldman of Leesman & Jo Sutherland of Magenta

Tim Oldman is Founder & CEO at Leesman where he directs research to measure employee...

SPECIAL: An Inspirational FM Story with Darrell Rounds, FMA, C.E.M. of General Motors (Preview of the “Asset Champion Podcast”)

Darrell Rounds, FMA, C.E.M. is Operations Group Manager at General Motors in Detroit, MI where...

Ep. 114: FM & CRE Technology Tools, Wireless Charging & Return to Workplace Strategies with Dan Bladen & Peter Ankerstjerne

Dan Bladen is Co-Founder & CEO at Chargifi and Peter Ankerstjerne is Global Facility Management...

Ep. 113: Workplace Safety, Facility Disinfection and Design Strategies When Reopening Offices with Wayne Whitzell & Gordon Wright

Wayne Whitzell, LEED AP, CEST, AIPE, BEP, GBO is Executive Vice President at DFS Green...

Ep. 101: “Culture Infusion” How to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture with Kerry Wekelo of Actualize Consulting

Kerry Wekelo is Chief Operating Officer at Actualize Consulting where she is focused on enhancing...