BIMStorm AEC GAMECHANGERS – San Jose Airport

Two Workshops on 7.12.17

Workshops were attended by experts in the field of aviation and from various departments of the U. S. Government.  A broadcast on followed the workshops and a meeting with the Airports Consultants Council which  summarized the day’s events.

A: Breaking Bad Stovepipes

Workshop A was about disrupting how the AECOO industry currently does things. This is a sandbox so there are no sacred cows. What would be the ideal BIMStorm process that enables building informed environments while addressing the needs of projects and the larger total cost of ownership needs. What are the people, technologies, risks, rewards, and opportunities if we break bad stovepipes.

B: Taking the Stovepipes out of Airports

Workshop B focused on the planning, design, and construction process for a project to renovate Terminal B and support facilities at San Jose Airport. The objective is to go through the steps and demonstrate first hand how teams would collaborate on their tasks, while still collaborating with each other in real time, and still related back to the larger vision of Workshop A.

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The 14 Scenarios Below will be Addressed During the Workshops and The Live Wrap Up will Highlight what we Learned

Scenarios have been identified that provide a good cross section of the type of activities or things to consider when making decisions for facilities. These may evolve over time as adjustments are made to add new scenarios.  Workshop A will review these scenarios.

Snippets from the Workshops

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International Airport Departure Board (FID)
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Busy Airport Terminal Time-lapse with Slow Pan
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